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All round pet care services.

Pet Bath

We make sure to give your pet a soothing, pleasant and enjoyable bathing experience which is similar to what they get at home, only that there is no mess in the bathroom or dirty towels leftover for you to clean. With exceptional care infused with a personal touch we make sure that your pet looks its best when you walk out our doors. Our services are personalized for different breeds, so all breeds are welcome.

  Quality and hygiene prioritized

  Highly economical

  Use of reputed and branded products and equipment

  Special baths : Anti-tick bath, Ridd bath

  Complete blow dry and ear cleaning included

Pet Clinic

With extensive experience in the field, our vet is trained and equipped to provide all round healthcare services to your pet, ensuring that they are nurtured back to health in a positive and loving environment.

We work hard to keep your pets healthy so that they enjoy a long and healthy life with you devoid of any illness or disease.

  Certified and highly experienced veterinary doctor

  Complete range of medicines available

  Neutering, spaying and other minor surgical procedures undertaken

  High emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene

Dog Training

Dog Training is not a new term to the modern day man, but, how many of us really understand what it means in its complete entirety.There is a common misconception that dog training is just for the dog and that the owner has absolutely no role in the process. But this is not true. Dog training involves the owner as much as it has to do with the dog. Dogs only react and act in accordance with the stimulus we offer them. Therefore behavioral patterns in your dog stem from your actions.

The Urban Pet provides training services that help you identify these actions and ensure that you are feeding the right kind of inputs to your dogs.The training is absolutely reward based as we are against the use of tools like choke chains, prong collars and shock collars in these practices

  Certified Dog trainer and behaviorist

  Owner centric training

  Basic and advanced obedience training programs

  Puppy training &Socialization sessions

  Behavior specific training & consultations

Dog Breeds

A brief glimpse into some of the popular dog breeds around the world.

About Us

A visit to this modern outlet of the "The Urban Pet" is sure to leave a very satisfying experience for the pet owner.

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No 1, 1st Main, Brindavan Extension, Arekere, Bangalore-560076.


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